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I like boys who can unbutton their shirt with one hand





why is this even a thing thats attractive?…

you know he could probably undo your bra with one hand too

Let’s be honest, he looks terrified just pulling one off his guitar

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Amnesia video still - UHQ (1500x996)

" What about this guys? Is this a tadpole?"

Amnesia video still - UHQ (1500x996)

" What about this guys? Is this a tadpole?"

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To the 12 year old girls who are hating on the actresses that were in the Amnesia video:


I hope you know how pathetic you sound. “OH EM GEE THAT BITCH SAT NEXT TO MICHAEL WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS IM GONNA CUT HER”….hey, here’s an idea! SHUT UP!! There’s no room for people like that in the 5sos fam. The boys don’t like it, the part of the fam that’s actually conscious of their actions don’t like it, and I bet those girls who were doing their job don’t like it either.

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Hey hey hey is everything alright beautiful?



I’m not sure tbh

Everything’s going to be alright, okay? I promise. You’re beautiful, whether or not you see it. I could feed you that “it’s on the inside that counts” bullshit but I’m not going to. And I mean, yes you have a beautiful personality, that’s important and shouldn’t be overlooked but you’re not insecure about that right now are you? You’re insecure about your physical appearance, and let’s be honest, who isn’t? Trust me, everyone has things they hate about them. But there are so many reasons to love your body, like seriously, THERES ONLY ONE PERSON IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE WHO LOOKS LIKE YOU!!! Well unless you have an identical twin but still there are some differences. But isn’t that crazy!!! Over seven billion people and you’re the only person who looks exactly like you do!!! Seriously! Like your eyes are the only eyes that sparkle and shine the way that they do! Sure some people have similar shades but not exactly like yours! And the stretch marks on your skin are so cool! They mean you’re growing and you get your own special animal print! Freckles? They’re like skin scars!!! On the heavy side like myself? Wow! We’re automatically perfect cuddle pillows! On the slim side? Holy cow cool! You have more opportunities when playing hide and seek! Someone gives you shit about your feet? You can push them on to the floor and kick them with your own very special feet! Wow!
And to anyone else who ever gives you shit about yourself, tell them to fuck themselves because they aren’t getting any of your fantastic booty

this is incredible and extremely uplifting (: You could be a motivational speaker. Thank you so much, you rock <3

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I don't think love is possible in this fucked up world and its killing me. People cheat and people hurt others. People are constantly getting divorced or breaking up after being together the majority of their lives and I can't go through that. I'd rather be alone than be hurt like that. Sorry just me venting out..

There are times I would agree with you, maybe even right now. But there are also people falling in love, getting married, creating families and memories, staying committed. There are friends who have stood by each other through everything, there are people connecting on a intimate level. I know love exists, because I love 5sos and I know that’s as real as it ever gets. It’s out there, you just have to look harder.

"Better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all."

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I hope my last little message made you feel a little better.

It did, it make me smile a bit. Thank you for saying all of that <3 

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Sometimes I feel pretty awful about my body too, okay I feel bad all the time, but then I think about al the amazing things my body can do. I have knees tht are bendy. My skin is soft sometimes. I have ten fingers and toes that work. I can paint my finger nails any color I want. My ears can hear amazing sounds, my eyes can see things. I may not be perfect, but I have a body and it can do amazing things.

This is beautiful. You’re beautiful <3 Thank you xx

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Hi Baby, I just wanted to let you know that you are a beautiful person, you have a stunning personality and anyone would be lucky to love you. you know sometimes it's hard but please know that you are truly wonderful and a pretty we-thing xx

<3 You’re incredible. I don’t know how you see that in me, but I greatly appreciate it xx

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If the band member you like gets in a relationship please remember;

  • it’s okay to be jealous 
  • it’s okay if it hurts
  • it’s okay if you don’t necessarily want them to be together

it’s okay

but what’s NOT okay is if

  • you tell the couple to break up
  • you throw yourself at them
  • you spread false, HURTFUL rumors
  • you send hate to their gf/bf or to the both of them


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Please don't hurt yourself! Because it might feel good in the moment but I promise, you'll regret it later. But you won't regret being strong and you'll be so proud that you didn't give into the urge <3

I’ll do my absolute best, I promise. I just don’t know how I can stand living in my body anymore. I hate it, I feel disgusting. But I won’t, I dont want to start all over again.

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Are you okay babe??

I’m just pretty triggered rn

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Hey hey hey is everything alright beautiful?

I’m not sure tbh

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Ships anyone?



Anyone want me to do ships¿

Anyone :(

me hoe

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